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The Art of Forgiveness in Divorce

By:  Bruce P. Matez, Esq., APM I spend most of my days with couples who are divorcing in mediation sessions, clients in the process of divorcing or who are divorced and continue to have ongoing disputes with their former spouses, and with couples who are seeking alternative ways to resolve disputes.  One of the major themes I have found in working with such people over the past almost 30 years has been the astonishing inability to forgive and let go. Sadly, that inability is one of the major reasons why I believe divorce is so expensive and why people spend so...

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Bruce P. Matez, Esq. Awarded The Honorable Joseph M. Nardi, Jr. Award

Bruce P. Matez, Esq., was awarded the Joseph M. Nardi, Jr Award by the Thomas S. Forkin Family Law American Inn of Court at their annual end-of-year banquet on June 19, 2018. The Joseph M. Nardi, Jr. Award award is presented to a member of the South Jersey Family Law community whose commitment to the practice of law encourages and exemplifies civility, humility, compassion and a moral/ethical obligation to the welfare of children and families, in general. This commitment should be further evidenced by participation in continuing legal education, whether formally or informally, and a willingness to act as an advisor/mentor...

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Gary L. Borger Esq. Participates As A Panelist On Matrimonial Law At The annual NJAJ seminar

Gary L.Borger, Esq. lectured on “The Intersection of Tort and Family Law” at the annual NJAJ seminar. Attendees learned how to spot, investigate and prepare for the trial of tort (injury) claims in conjunction with a divorce. The New Jersey Association for Justice can be contacted at https://www.nj-justice.org/ ....

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Bruce P. Matez Esq. Elected Vice President of the Board of Directors for The Starting Point and Secretary of the South Jersey Collaborative Divorce Professionals

4The law firm of Borger Matez is pleased to announce that Bruce P. Matez has been elected Vice President of the Board of Directors for The Starting Point and Secretary of the South Jersey Collaborative Divorce Professionals. Mr. Matez served as Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Starting Point for nearly ten years, and was elected to the new role by the Board on February 8, 2018. He is a founding member of the South Jersey Collaborative Divorce Professionals....

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