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Divorce and family law disputes (e.g., custody, parenting time, child support alimony, domestic violence, etc.) are stressful for you and your children, and sometimes that stress impacts others such as extended family members, friends, significant others, teachers, coaches and more.  The lawyers and staff of BorgerMatez take great pride in helping you through emotionally difficult times in addressing family law issues as well as through the joys of positive experiences like adoption. We strive to minimize that emotional impact, stress and anxiety, as well as the financial impact upon your family, so you can spend your hard-earned money and savings on yourself and your children rather than on legal fees. Our focus is on providing excellent legal advice and representation with compassion, sensitivity, and understanding, while keeping an eye on your financial resources. Several of our attorneys are also trained in mediation and collaborative divorce, both of which are generally more amicable, gentler, less adversarial, often less expensive and quicker alternatives to the traditional models of divorce negotiation between attorneys or litigation through the court system and which results in a better resolution, more attuned to the particular needs of your family.


It is particularly gratifying to us that BorgerMatez is considered to be one of South Jersey’s most respected and accomplished divorce and family law firms by our peers, the court system, clients, former clients, spouses of former clients, and other attorneys. Our lawyers have been recognized as leaders in the field by publications such as SJ Magazine, South Jersey Magazine, Suburban Family Magazine, Girlfriendz Magazine,  SJBiz, New Jersey Super Lawyers, and by prestigious legal rating services such as Martindale Hubbell and organizations like The American Society of Legal Advocates.


Located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, we represent clients throughout New Jersey but with the highest concentration being in Camden, Gloucester and Burlington counties. Our office is comprised of five New Jersey family law attorneys – each with extensive experience in all aspects of divorce and family law.


We represent men, women unmarried parents, grandparents, those in same-sex relationships (the LBGTQ community), and others. For those of you who are not married but are in or about to enter into marriage, a civil union, a cohabitation arrangement (living together but not married), or other formal relationship, we have extensive experience in drafting agreements to meet your needs to govern that new relationship.


At BorgerMatez, your future, the future of your family, your financial security, and your emotional health are all extremely important to us, and help guide our representation. We are here to help you navigate through these difficult legal issues.

Our Services Include:

  • Collaborative Divorce
  • Divorce (contested and uncontested)
  • Mediation of Divorce and Family Law Issues
  • Arbitration of Divorce and Family Law Issues (binding and non-binding)
  • Alimony
  • Child Support
  • College Expense Contribution
  • Division of Marital Property and Debt
  • Custody and Parenting Time
  • Relocation from NJ with Children
  • Adoptions
  • Pre-Marital and Cohabitation Agreements
  • Modification of divorce agreements and judgments of divorce
  • Legal Issues of Unmarried Partners or Cohabitants
  • Same Gender Cohabitation and Break-up Issues
  • Domestic Violence / Restraining Orders Protecting Abused Spouses/Partners
  • Grandparent Visitation

We look forward to being of service to you.

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★★★★★ My ex-wife and I retained Gary to assist our divorce negotiations. It was the best decision we made in the divorce process. Gary was attentive, available and at all times fair and knowledgeable. He helped us arrive at a fair settlement, saving us thousands of dollars in legal fees, had we litigated. I recommend Gary without reservation.

Rob via Avvo

★★★★★ Bruce is very good. He did a wonderful job with mediation between my wife and I. Very glad he was available. He helped us come to an agreeable end.

Paul via Avvo

★★★★★ I hired Bruce Matez on two occasions over the last several years. The first was a contentious divorce and then, when I was faced with alimony renegotiations a few years later, I was confident calling Bruce again. He handled both situations very professionally -- he carefully explained options to me, provided his expert opinion, but did not pressure me in any direction. His firm is efficient and very responsive to clients' needs. I am grateful I had him in my corner during those difficult times.

Anonymous via Avvo

★★★★★ Through the entire process, I was always confident that I had the best lawyer in the room. Gary was always well prepared and knew the law down to every last detail. I highly recommend him to anyone going through divorce in New Jersey.

Lee McGill

Thank you for everything Peter, I appreciate your professionalism and sense of humor. You made a hard situation much easier for me!

Barbara Bodansky

Deena, you're a genius! You're awesome!


★★★★★ I had an extremely long and contentious divorce. Mr. Matez did a superior job helping me navigate the waters and ultimately end with a favorable outcome. I would highly recommend this firm for your divorce needs!


★★★★★ Boy am I thankful for Mary Cay Trace! When subsequent post-divorce issues arose, and my original divorce lawyer no longer practicing, Mary Cay seamlessly and expertly handled things as if she were there from the beginning. She is very knowledgeable, professional, and efficient, and confidently knows how to obtain appropriate and fair outcomes. Mary Cay has a stellar, detail-oriented paralegal, Kathi, who has gone above and beyond walking me through legal territory the past couple of years as various things crop up. I give this team my highest recommendation!

Carrie Nocentino

★★★★★ I am very fortunate to have had Gary Borger as my attorney. Gary was extremely knowledgeable and proficient in handling all aspects of my case which included the issues of child support, custody, parenting time, and alimony, as well as sorting through complex financials, a closely held business, coordination with a forensic accountant, and tax related manners which became significant. During the most emotional times, Gary facilitated a sense of calm and rationality which helped me to focus on the end result I was seeking. He treated me in a respectful, dignified and non-judgmental manner. He exemplified the highest ethical standards and I highly recommend him to handle your case.


★★★★★ Peter Halden, his paralegal Kim and his entire team are excellent. I have been working with Peter on my continuous divorce litigation for many years. He, along with his team, are very professional, thorough, detail oriented, caring ,considerate and have always kept me well informed. I cannot thank him enough for all his help. I would highly recommend him and his firm.

Lynne Nicgorski

★★★★★ I am truly appreciative of Mr. Matez's approach and obvious expertise in mediation. Additionally, Mr. Matez had everything formalized and to both of our attorneys in mere hours. I highly recommend Mr. Matez!


★★★★★ Mr. Peter Halden become our primary attorney. His insight in the concepts and issues provided us with our ability to come to an excellent solution that helped all participants. He listened and always knew what paths to take and when. We cannot thank him and his firm enough with regards to our case.


★★★★★ Bruce was very helpful in my mediation. He has very calming affect during emotional episodes. He also has great handle for common sense solution


★★★★★ What a pleasure it has been to work with Deena Betze & staff!! Let’s be honest, if you are looking for an attorney then 9 times out of 10 you are already going through hard times. Adding to your situation by hiring an attorney based on price or convenience shouldn't be your solution. A good friend of mine highly recommended Deena to me, he was in a similar family court situation and enthusiastically told me how she helped him. What I love about Deena is reading her credentials is impressive but when you meet her it’s clear how much knowledge and expertise she has with Family Court.

Cherene Petruzzelli

★★★★★ I have known May Cay Trace for more than 18 years and she has always been professional, capable and responsive. She has broad experience in virtually all matters of divorce law, and at this point in her career has a solid reputation as both a litigator of divorce matters and as an out-of-court mediator. She's level headed and pragmatic, and well respected by her peers in the profession.


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