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Bruce Matez leads NJAPM meeting with South Korean Delegation

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Bruce Matez leads NJAPM meeting with South Korean Delegation

Bruce Matez, Esq. with Chang Soo Choe

Bruce Matez, Esq. with Chang Soo Choe

NJAPM leaders with South Korean delegation

From NJAPM: Bruce Matez, Margarita Echevarria, Richard Herman, Kate Monagle, Meghan Bradley, and Glenn Milgraum

On November 17th Bruce Matez and other leaders of the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators (NJAPM) met with a delegation from South Korea to discuss how we utilize mediation in conflict and dispute resolution in the United States both formally through court programs and privately. The 20-person delegation led by Chang Soo Choe, Ph.D, Professor & Chair Of the Department of Local Government Studies at Cyber Hankuk University of Foreign Studies and President of Korea Fullbright Alumni Association, is part of a Capacity Building program operated by the Secretariat for NGO Affairs of the Prime Minister’s office of the Republic of Korea (South Korea) and included 14 NGO leaders, 3 officials from the Prime Minister’s office, and 3 from academic institutions. The delegation is meeting with various organizations and entities in the United States to learn about mediation and alternative dispute resolution.

Learn more about mediation and the multiple approaches here. Mediation remains a far better method resolution for divorcing couples and parents. The alternative of litigation is way more expensive, limiting, and adversarial. In fact, arguing in court before a judge, creates a win/lose scenario while mediation offers couples and parents a win-win possibility.

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