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Retired Family Court Judge, Harold Johnson, Joins BorgerMatez, P.A.

Retired judge Harold Johnson joins BorgerMatez

BorgerMatez, P.A. is pleased to announce that Harold U. Johnson, recently retired from the Family Part of the Chancery Division of the Superior Court of New Jersey has joined the firm. The Hon. Harold Johnson will mediate, arbitrate, sit as a Blue Ribbon Panelist, and be available for consultation, in all divorce and family law matters....

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Why Enter Into a Pre-Marital Agreement

Why enter into a pre-marital agreement

Anyone getting married should consult with a family law attorney in the state or commonwealth where one of the parties resides or where the parties will reside after the marriage to determine whether a pre-marital agreement is appropriate for financial protection in the event of divorce and to control to whom one’s estate passes upon death. Laws relating to the enforcement of pre-marital agreements vary from state to state. ...

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Divorce Dispute Resolution 101

If you’re divorcing, there is less than a 2% chance that your divorce will be tried to conclusion before a judge. That means the overwhelming likelihood is that you will never have that oft talked about “day in court.”  The staggering odds are that if you’re divorcing, you and your spouse will ultimately settle the issues related to your divorce. What really matters most is the method you and your spouse choose to reach that settlement. Here’s a brief overview of your options:...

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There Are Less Costly Ways Than Fighting It Out in Court

There are better alternatives than fighting it out in court

There are alternatives to fighting your spouse in court in front of a judge, spending your funds that could be better used for your children's college educations or your financial security in your later years. Over the years, alternatives to fighting out a divorce in court for a year or more and spending tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars have been developed. These are grouped under the heading of ADR (alternatives to dispute resolution, which is what a court is, after all, “the court of last resort,” and it should be just that!...

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