No-fault dissolution now available to same sex couples.

While the civil union statute does not specifically include irreconcilable differences as a no-fault basis for dissolution of a civil union, a Superior Court judge has ruled that the no-fault cause of action for irreconcilable differences is a viable and appropriate basis for dissolution of a civil union. Judge Lawrence Jones relied upon the NJ Supreme Court case Lewis v. Harris in finding that a lesbian couple may rely upon irreconcilable differences to dissolve their civil union (they were never legally married) finding that to be consistent with the spirit of Lewis v. Harris, granting same-sex couples the same rights and heterosexual couples. When the civil union statute became law, irreconcilable differences was not a cause of action for divorce either, that addition having been made to the divorce statute soon thereafter.  The civil union statute was never modified to include irreconcilable differences as a cause of action for dissolution.  For whatever reasons it was not modified to mirror the divorce statute, this judge has definitively determined that the distinction is one without purpose, meaning or justification, and has hopefully put an end to any debate on this issue once and for all.