Gary Borger and Bruce Matez Featured in Story on Collaborative Divorce in South Jersey Magazine

April 17, 2013, Cherry Hill, New Jersey: Gary Borger, Esq. and Bruce P. Matez, Esq. are featured in an article in the April issue of South Jersey Magazine entitled “Divorce Without Disaster: South Jersey Collaborative Law Group offers Less Painful and more Cost-Effective Alternative to Divorce.”

The article describes the group formed by leading South Jersey family law attorneys, including Borger and Matez, to assist New Jersey families with the Collaborative Divorce (CD) option—meaning divorces that involve a team effort by specially trained lawyers, financial advisors and mental health experts serving as divorce coaches or child experts—all designed to end a marriage in a non-adversarial, dignified, and private way on terms that work for that particular family without going to court for a judge publicly to make those decisions for the people and their children.

The article quotes Matez as saying that his “25 years of experience have shown him that the method of going through the courts does not always work well for families. “Over 98% of all divorces settle before going to trial. Oftentimes, the settlement comes at the end of the process when a lot of money has been spent and emotions have been exhausted. If they had just sat down in the beginning of the process and worked for a resolution, they would have avoided all the painful things that come with litigation.” He adds, “The CD process is especially beneficial to families when children are involved.”

Borger Matez is one of Southern New Jersey’s leading family law and divorce firms and is a leader in bringing Collaborative Divorce to Southern New Jersey. Located in Cherry Hill, NJ, Borger Matez, P.A concentrates its practice in divorce, custody, parenting time (formerly called “visitation”), alimony, child support, equitable distribution of marital property and debt, post-divorce disputes (i.e., custody/parenting time, alimony and child support modification and enforcement), domestic violence, cases involving the NJ Division of Child Protection and Permanency (formerly DYFS), adoptions, and applications to relocate children from New Jersey incident to or after separation or divorce. The attorneys in the firm are also divorce and family law mediators. In addition, they regularly prepare and negotiate all types of pre-marital, cohabitation, same gender, and divorce-related settlement agreements. An extensive list of questions and answers which regularly are asked by family law clients can be found at their website. For more information, call (856) 424-3444 or visit