Dissolution of Civil Unions and Domestic Partnerships

New Jersey now recognizes marriage between same-sex couples!  As a result, same-sex couples who marry have the same rights and obligations as heterosexual couples who marry, and the laws related to separation and divorce apply to all. At one time New Jersey had a Domestic Partnership Act for LGBT couples who were unable to marry and heterosexual couples of age 62 or over who live together (cohabit) who chose not to marry. NJ then adopted a Civil Union Act bringing the status of LGBT couples closer to that of married heterosexual couples.  Although same-sex marriage (gay marriage) is now legally recognized in NJ, some Domestic Partnerships and Civil Unions remain valid.  We represent members of the LGBTQ community seeking to divorce or dissolve Domestic Partnerships and Civil Unions in NJ either through mediation, Collaborative Law, negotiation, or litigation.  We are prepared to draft agreements and assist individuals in Domestic Partnerships and Civil Unions to protect themselves and their rights regarding their children, support, the distribution of assets, allocation of debts, insurance, and other family law issues.  For more information or a consultation, call our office.