Collaborative Law Training Offered to Divorce Lawyers in South Jersey

Cherry Hill, NJ – The BorgerMatez law firm explores training in the relatively new field of Collaborative Law.

In October, 2010, Gary Borger and Bruce Matez attended a two-day training in Collaborative Law, a relatively new concept in divorce and family law. Collaborative Law offers divorcing couples an alternative to litigation which is based upon mutual problem solving. The parties and their attorneys, along with other professionals involved (e.g., custody experts, forensic accountants, etc.) agree in writing to work together toward an agreement without litigating in court. Collaborative Law provides divorcing couples with a viable, meaningful, less contentious alternative to litigation which is all too often expensive, time consuming, emotionally draining and devastating to families.

Gary and Bruce will be attending advanced training in December and are founding members (along with a small group of other South Jersey divorce attorneys, family therapists, and forensic accountants) of the South Jersey Collaborative Law Group (the first of its kind in the area). BorgerMatez now offers Collaborative Divorce in addition to mediation as alternatives to traditional divorce litigation for its clients.

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Located in Cherry Hill, NJ, BorgerMatez is principally a family law and divorce law practice. The firm concentrates its practice in divorce and family law litigation, arbitration, mediation of family law and matrimonial issues, and collaborative law (one of the newest areas of dispute resolution in the family law field), including but not limited to custody, parenting time (formerly called “visitation”), alimony, child support, equitable distribution of marital property, post-divorce disputes, domestic violence matters, DYFS matters, adoptions, and applications to relocate children from New Jersey coincident to or after separation or divorce. An extensive list of questions and answers can be found at their website. For more information, call (856) 424-3444 or visit .

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