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New Jersey Equal Justice Awards

On June 3, 2019, Gary Borger attended the Legal Services of New Jersey Equal Justice Awards program at Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton (Mercer County), New Jersey that honored members of the judiciary, legislature, and bar who offered time and effort in assisting the needy members of our society in need of justice.

This wonderful event recognized those attorneys who have worked to make certain that everyone has equal access to the courts and to justice in the courts no matter their economic circumstances. That included many volunteer attorneys (such as the attorneys at BorgerMatez, P.A. who regularly offer their services to Legal Services of New Jersey to process divorces for those who can’t afford to hire and pay a private attorney).

Also recognized posthumously was former Robert N. Wilentz, former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of New Jersey, who was an ardent supporter of the concept of equal justice for all and Robert Del Tufo, former New Jersey Attorney General and former New Jersey United States Attorney; Bonnie Watson Coleman, congressperson from the 12th Congressional District in New Jersey; and Loretta Weinberg, New Jersey Senate Majority Leader from the 37th Congressional District and a member of the Legislature for the past 27 years and who has championed civil rights in our state through supportive legislation that has recognized the importance of all citizens to equal access to justice and equal treatment under the law.

It was a great honor to be able to enjoy an evening honoring such great leaders of our state who have made life so much better for so many who are struggling just to make ends meet and hope for a better life for themselves and the next generation of our citizenry.

How To Avoid Divorce Court

By: ​​Gary L. Borger, Esquire While less than 2% of the divorce cases filed in New Jersey actually going to trial, a lot of money can be wasted on legal fees as a divorce is processed through the court system heading toward trial even if it settles (as most cases do) at some point before […]

What About The Furniture?

By: ​​Gary L. Borger, Esquire One of the areas of dispute in divorce has to do with the contents of the home. How is the furniture, furnishings, tools, cookware, collections and collectibles, antiques, art work, etc., handled in divorce? Most couples eventually work out an in-kind division, that is, they divide up the contents of […]

Options When Faced With Divorce In New Jersey

by Gary L. Borger Divorce sometimes comes as a shock and sometimes as a mutual decision. In any event, it is usually a first for most married couples facing this crisis. Questions will flood your mind. What do I do next?  To whom should I turn?  Who can I trust? Meeting with a lawyer is […]

Alimony reform is in the works in NJ

by Gary L. Borger, Esq. The NJ assembly on June 19th unanimously passed a combined bill, A-845/971/1649, that would drastically alter how alimony is awarded in NJ. While 98% of the divorce cases filed settle (as opposed to going through a trial for a judge to decide what the parties can’t decide on their own), […]

College costs post-divorce from an alienated parent

  by Gary Borger, Esq. NJ is in the minority of states which gives judges the power to order parents to make financial contributions to the cost of their children’s higher educations. While the 12 factors a NJ judge must take into account in doing so have been in place by case law since 1982, […]