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The Art of Forgiveness in Divorce

By:  Bruce P. Matez, Esquire I spend most of my days with couples who are divorcing in mediation sessions, clients in the process of divorcing or who are divorced and continue to have ongoing disputes with their former spouses, and with couples who are seeking alternative ways to resolve disputes.  One of the major themes […]

Domestic Violence And Your Options

By: ​​Peter M. Halden, Esquire During the past half century or so, the subject of domestic violence has evolved from a laughing matter to a deadly serious societal concern. One of television’s most popular early shows was The Honeymooners, a staple of the mid-1950s, which starred Jackie Gleason as the oft-frustrated Ralph Kramden. As the […]

New Jersey Adoption FAQS

By: ​​Deena L. Betze, Esquire New Jersey is known nationally as an “adoption friendly” state. Families from all over the country come to New Jersey adoption agencies to place and adopt their children in this state. Why? New Jersey statutes, case law, and public policy all favor adoption and the best interests of the child, […]

How To Avoid Divorce Court

By: ​​Gary L. Borger, Esquire While less than 2% of the divorce cases filed in New Jersey actually going to trial, a lot of money can be wasted on legal fees as a divorce is processed through the court system heading toward trial even if it settles (as most cases do) at some point before […]

What About The Furniture?

By: ​​Gary L. Borger, Esquire One of the areas of dispute in divorce has to do with the contents of the home. How is the furniture, furnishings, tools, cookware, collections and collectibles, antiques, art work, etc., handled in divorce? Most couples eventually work out an in-kind division, that is, they divide up the contents of […]